Free FS1R Editor

January 29, 2011

FS1R Editor English Version – Download


  • Operation of all the parameter was enabled from PC. The user interface which can perform making sound conveniently.
  • This software can save SMF (Standard MIDI File) so that voice data can also be passed to the Mac users and Linux user, etc.
  • Since there was software which can make FSEQ data from overseas software “FSeqEdit”, the file(.syx) is read and it enabled it to store in a FS1R. Thereby, Formant data was made from the WAV file etc., and FS1R was made to talk and it became possible to give width to tone creation. Furthermore, since FSEQ data is convertible for SMF, it is possible to also distribute FSEQ data to the direction of other OS’s. FSeqEdit:
  • This software can read The FS1R Editor’s save file.

Comprehensive and free – can’t complain!