Exploring the FS1R – Prelude

February 1, 2011

Well, my long lusted-for FS1R arrived today!

I’ve already read the manual – the architecture is pretty clear (it’s even printed on the top of the machine). The implementation, however, is a little more obscure.

I am somewhat familiar with FM synthesis, having rubbed my teeth on VSTs such as Toxic Biohazard and Bick TIck’s Rhino. I recentl began patching the Yamaha DX200 but quickly ran in to the polyphony limit – I could only get 4 voices! Bollox to that – lovely sounding machine but it’s going on ebay tomorrow. The FS1R is sooo much more powerful.

For editing. I’ve decided to stump-up for Zeeedit – primarily because all voice parameters are viewable on one screen, and it has mousewheel support! I often wonder why so many VST developers don’t support mousewheel – it just makes sense. What Zeeedit does lack however is direct numerical input. For FM I find that this precision is needed. I’ll send-in a feature request with my order 🙂

So, with trusty notebook at hand, let’s do this – one parameter at a time.

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