Exploring the FS1R – 3. Back to the beach

February 2, 2011

OK, hands-up – I spoke too soon on the presets. Instead of tackling the myriad other stuff to do, I’ve spent an hour just playing the FS1R. There are 4 banks of 128 presets – 1 User bank, two factory banks, and a special bank for a guitar midi controller.

Here are recordings of this mornings stoned noodlings. This is just going through the first 60 presets in Bank A. Not all useable sounds there, and that cheesey breathy digital formant thing is a wee-bit  overdone. Nevertheless, the sounds are beautiful and very expressive. Starting on middle c for most, and using the pitch/mod joystick of the x-station these are some Vocal patches, basses and SFX.



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