Tempest Kits: Starship Stim v1

March 6, 2013

OS 1.3 is coming soon and it’s looking good. So I’ll be pushing out some ‘proper’ kits after it’s release.

This first kit is a taster – it has no drums. Rather, it is the soundtrack from an imagined life aboard a roving interstellar craft. No samples used – this is a nice workout for Tempest’s analogue side.

The top row of pads are drones – various ambiances, the bottom row are computer and ship noises. Bank B is fully stocked – 32 sounds in all.

To activate a drone, press one of the top 8 pads. The sound will continue until it is stopped or it’s voice is stolen. Several of the drones are designed to ‘choke’ each other so as to help prevent a cacophonous mess. But that’s largely up to you. It’s easy to go overboard.

To stop a drone, select a sound by pressing Shift + pad and press the Mute button twice. By pressing the Solo button twice, all sounds will be cut except the currently selected pad.

It takes a little practice but learning to coordinate it all is good for improvement of live tweaking chops. YMMV.

Use the volume and filter controls to get a nice balance between the drones and twist the bottom eight pads to your preferences. There’s lots of LFO action going on here, and slight tweaks can lead to nice surprises.

All sounds are velocity sensitive. Some are pressure sensitive. It is recommended to use seperate outputs and lots of FX 🙂

Play around with them (they don’t bite) and have fun!

Here’s a quick demo direct from Tempest’s main output. One take, no sequencer. A fraction sent to reverb.

I bet you can do better, so:

Here is the Kit:

..and the individual sounds:
These will likely import to your ‘User3’ Folder.
Exported from Beta I will update these as new betas are released.

If you make something nice with this, leave a link for da Massive.

I am open to Kit suggestions, but these must be backed by DRY audio examples.

Lemme know 😛


5 Responses to “Tempest Kits: Starship Stim v1”

  1. Simon Fine Says:

    Stellar! (not as in pint of…)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So Good! Thanks Stim!

  3. Drew Says:

    noob question, i know, but how do I move the beats/sounds data to sysex librarian (im on a mac)? do i copy and paste what comes up as a certain file and then open it in the librarian? Thanks

  4. brice Says:

    un kit ACID serait trop cool avec un tutorial


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