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Roland System Exclusive Implementation

February 11, 2012

About the time that Roland released the S-10 sampler (mid 1980’s as I recall), the company had devised a method of transfering any and all parameters (ie, settings) of a MIDI device by using System Exclusive messages over MIDI. So, any setting that you could adjust from the front panel of the device, you could also adjust over MIDI with a System Exclusive message.

Roland System Exclusive Implementation.


The Tweakers Guide to MIDI Controls

February 9, 2011

The Tweakers Guide to MIDI Controls

Handy – especially for cc assignments to avoid.

Eddie’s SysEx Tutorial

February 8, 2011

In an effort to bring System Exclusive (SysEx) messages to the masses, I embarked on a mission to produce this tutorial which will help people plumb the depths of this wonderful and powerful area of MIDI.

via Eddie’s Home – MIDI – SysEx Tutorial.

Also see Creating User Drum Sets on the Roland Sound Canvas – could apply to SH-32?

The MIDI Specification

February 8, 2011

MIDI Specification

Handy reference.  I love the drum sets in the SH-32 but they can’t be edited ‘on-the-fly’ from the front interface.

A look at the SH-32’s MIDI spec indicates that editing of individual drum tones might be possible in software.

If time allows (and this is not a priority), I hope to build a VST Rhythm Tone editor for the SH-32 using Synthmaker.

Nice little project, but where will I find the time?