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The OdoSynths Archive

April 1, 2012

If you’ve never heard of OdoSynths (where have you beeen?) then run straight away to The OdoSynths Archive and download these amazing VSTs for free.

This collection was lost and scattered after Odo stopped development in 2009. Since then there have been several attempts to locate many of them.

Then, just last week, Odo showed-up on KVR after all that time. I had to pounce on the chance, and ask him to resurrect his instruments. Unfortunately, he no longer had copies. So the call went out….

With help from KVR members (special props to Don and Spacedad), and of course with the kind permission of Odo himself, I’ve collected them into an archive that I hope will preserve them in pertpetuum, for the enjoyment of musicians and sonic explorers of the present and  the future.

FM synthesis nuts will find paradise with Six, DoubleSix, Purple, and Yellow – each fantastic and unique. There are also several drum machines – including sampler/synth hybrids, several excellent TB3030 clones, and a selection of the best SID emulations around.

Topped-off with beautiful GUI’s , this is a true treasure-trove for any synthesist. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Welcome back Odo!


Audio Geek Zine » Audio Effects Explained Series

February 26, 2011

Audio Geek Zine » Audio Effects Explained Series.

Nice series of articles….