Cheap Bastard

I’ve decided to christen my primordial Modular ‘The Cheap Bastard’. It reveals a philosophy – to build a great noisemaker for minimal cost. It may not seem inexpensive, but in the modular synth world, cheap is relative. Think of it as a lifelong journey.

Here’s where I document it’s construction.

Current Status:

Total Cost to Date (Euro): 609

The Process:

  1. Rast and Baugruppenträger
  2. Power Supply conundrum
  3. No need for Baugruppenträger
  4. Busboards are easy

More to come…

Running cost breakdown with product links:

Mutable Instruments Anushri – 199 euro (excl. Facepalte)
D:Machinery Little Dieter – 141 euro
2 x Hexinverter ‘The Postman’ Quad EG – 23 euro (PCB excl. parts)
2 x L-1 Microcompressor (Stereo Linked) – 76euro (PCB + Tube + SMD work)
L-1 Tube VCA – 35 euro (PCB excl. parts)
Modded Korg Monotron Delay – 35 euro

Yikes! Not enough space already! Here are the other module PCBs I’ve ordered:

Hexinverter Liquid Hihat – 11.50 euro (PCB excl. parts)
Hexinverter Battery Acid – 8euro (PCB excl. parts)

Power Supply:
+5 +/-12 60 watt Power Supply Unit – 29euro

Ikea RAST – 12euro
Vector rails (from Baum..) – 4 x 6.55 = 26 euro
Thread Strips (4 pack) – 7.50
Thread screws (2 x20 pieces) – 6.40euro

3.5 and 6.3mm TR/TRS Audio plugs
Audio cable

Smile on my face – priceless



4 Responses to “Cheap Bastard”

  1. fcd72 Says:

    You are missing some small Sequencer in there *hint

    • stimresp Says:

      Hehe, I’ve had some thoughts, and there are some PCBs in da haus. I will more than likely buy Grids when Olivier releases it. I need another RAST already! 😦

      But I am always open to new suggestions *hint hint*


  2. Inspiring…. i will try to build my own.

    • stimresp Says:

      Hi Daniel,

      For a number of reasons, chiefly financial, I had to put this project on hold indefinitely.

      I should advise that I am a complete amateur in all of this, and I would always advise to do careful research before embarking. The costs can spiral out of control quickly.

      I recently bought myself a Moog Mother 32 to inspire me back, so I’ll surely pick this up again.

      Best resource for DIYing your own modules is Muffs:

      Good luck and mind those voltages!


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